How to Turn Your Google My Business Listing into a Lead Generating Machine

Note: This post assumes that you have a working understanding of Google My Business. If you need more information, feel free to check out our FAQ post on Google My Business. You can also follow Google’s instructions to set up your listing now.

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful marketing tools that business owners have in their arsenal. As we’ve previously explored, it can be used to manage your online reputation, build stronger relationships with clients, and improve your local marketing strategy. Best of all, it’s free!

Now, we’re showing you how to unlock the full potential of GMB and turn it into a lean, mean, lead-generating machine. That way, you can get your business in front of potential consumers before converting them into happy customers.

Five tips. Let’s get started.

1)     Verify that Your GMB Info Is Correct

Our first tip is also the simplest: Make sure all your business details are up-to-date, accurate, and consistent across the board.

Google will start by asking for your business’ NAP (name, address, and phone number) and use that to index your listing. Altogether, you should verify that your GMB listing has accurate information for the following:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Business description
  • Category
  • Attributes

Why Does Your GMB Info Need to Be Accurate?

If any of your information is inconsistent, it can have dramatic consequences for your local search-result rankings. As we’ve argued elsewhere, the best way to start ranking in local search is to maintain consistent NAP information across all your citations. After all, everything goes through Google. That means your rank on Google Maps depends on the accuracy and trustworthiness of all the information about your business that exists online.

Keep your details accurate and up-to-date and Google will have a good reason to trust you!

Pro Tip: Add a Killer Business Description

Your business description is a great way to highlight your unique selling points and generate interest in your services. According to ReviewTrackers, it can also improve your search rankings.

Your description can be up to 750 characters. It needs to be to the point. And compelling. Short and sweet can’t be beat.

If you need more advice, be sure to check out our previous blog post on how to write a quality description!

2)     Answer Q&A Questions

Recently, local SEO guru Greg Gifford reported that, out of all the Q&A questions on his GMB listing, 40% of them were leads.


That’s a huge proportion of potential customers that most businesses are not tapping into. Google users who ask concrete questions are interested in what you’re selling. They’re looking to buy—wallets out, cash in hand. They’re right there literally asking to become a customer!

Take the time to respond to their questions. You never know. It may turn into the deal of the day!

Pro Tip: Use the Google Maps App to Respond Sooner

Most Q&A askers are looking for a same-day response. They may even be out in front of your business while posting their question from their phone.

Unfortunately, GMB does not have an option to notify you when new questions are posted on your listing. However, the Google Maps App does at least make it easier to stay on top of them. That way, you can respond sooner and hopefully bring more customers to your door.

3)     Use GMB Posts

GMB posts allow you to share content and provide regular updates about your business. They can be almost anything: a discount you’re advertising, an upcoming event you’re hosting, or even a pertinent news story about your industry.

Pro Tip: Use GMB Posts to Create an Online Store!

Thanks to Pointy’s “See What’s In Store” feature, you can even turn your GMB Posts into an online shop.  It’s perfect for retailers who want to advertise their wares to a larger pool of potential customers.

4)     Add Photos (and Even a Video!)

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s no less true for businesses as it is for art.

Profile photos add a bit of personality to your business listing. They draw potential customers to your business because they create an immediate, visual attraction for them. They’re basically digital billboards.

Generally, it’s a good idea to have the following:

  • A profile photo that highlights your business identity. Your logo makes for a prime candidate.


  • A tasteful cover photo, which is what users see when they search for your listing on Google Maps. If you have a storefront, it’s generally suggested to choose a photo that shows off a part of the interior. (Think showroom floor.)


  • A 30-second video. While not necessary (and may not be applicable to all industries), it can really help you stand out from the competition.

In addition, Hubspot recommends that you also add photos of each of your products (or services), “action shots” of your staff, and pics the interior and exterior of your storefront (if applicable).

5)     Harness the Power of GMB Insights

GMB includes one of the most useful analytical tools available for local marketing: Google My Business Insights.

It allows you to track:

  • What customers are searching for (i.e., whether they’re searching for you specifically or for a service you provide)
  • Whether they’re finding you through Google Maps or Google Search
  • What actions they’re taking when they visit your listing
  • Where they’re located
  • Which of your photos and posts are getting the most attention
  • How many phone calls and responses you’re getting from visitors

Pretty cool, right?

GMB Insights give you real-time feedback, showing you which parts of your marketing campaign are a smash and which ones are a…well, crash. With it, you can adapt your campaigns according to what clicks with your client base.

Insights is there for the taking, so use it!

Pro Tip: Compare Your Stats to Your Competitors!

GMB Insights let you see not just how your GMB listing is doing, but also how it’s performing versus your competitors’. By comparing things like photo views, you can see how the competition stacks up against you, and who’s creating the most engaging business listings in your local area. That way, you can continue to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. After all, practice makes perfect!


Need help with your business’ local marketing strategy? Find out what we can do for you by chatting with an expert at or calling us at 1.888.667.7186!

And if you’ve got any of your own tips for Google My Business, be sure to leave them in the comments below!



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