Improve Your Local SEO With Google My Business


Improve Your Local SEO With Google My Business by LinkNow MediaWord on the street is that local search leads to more clicks and calls compared to any other marketing strategy, and we couldn’t agree more! According to the BrightLocal team and their September 2015 study, local search is by far the most effective marketing technique available for small businesses. The study results showed that not only does local search deliver a greater return on investment (ROI) than any other marketing channel, but it’s also widely preferred by small business owners.

How exactly does local search work for small business?

The first thing we need to address is something you’ve probably already heard about: Google My Business. Think of Google My Business like a master dashboard composed of Google Plus, Google Maps, and Google Search. It connects your business with customers who are looking for you using either their Search, Maps, or Google+ products. This all-encompassing search quality is what makes Google My Business the key to mastering your local search results.

While location and industry play a small role in local SEO, optimizing your Google My Business profile is a crucial step. Here’s why: Let’s say you live in Boston and you own Kate’s Cupcakes. When a customer near you searches “red velvet cupcakes Boston,” a map of three local results will show up before the non-local, broader search results. If your Google My Business profile is updated, you can be one of those three results. As you scroll down through these results you will notice that more often than not, the search results below the map will not be local results; they will probably be more informational pages on red velvet cupcake recipes, for example. These spots are much more competitive, and as a small business, you will have a much harder time occupying these. The three local listings mentioned is what your customers will see first and what you, as a business owner, should aim to be there.

How can your company achieve those Google Map rankings?

We can’t stress enough the importance of claiming and verifying your Google My Business account. You must confirm the name, the address, and the telephone number. If any information changes through the years, make sure you continue to update it. And, make sure it matches the name, address, and number on your website and across any other social media or business index sites you’re listed on.

Is there any other way I need to optimize my Google My Business page?

Yes. Aside from continually updating your profile, include other relevant information about your business such as business hours, choosing accurate business categories, uploading images with relevant keywords, and keeping an eye on reviews. Reviews are such an important element that they get their own categories.

Can reviews optimize my listing?

Not necessarily. However, reviews will influence your customers. They can draw clients in or steer them away – that’s why you must keep tabs on your reviews. Whatever you do, don’t ignore them. The way you publicly handle both positive and negative reviews will be a direct reflection of your business values. This can improve your business reputation and in a very useful way improve your ranking.

Once you’ve optimized your Google My Business, then you can start working on other platforms like Yelp, Bing, etc. Don’t do it the other way around. Your Google My Business page is one of the most important factors that will attract visitors to your website and business.


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