Why LinkNow’s Gone Fully Remote

Woman working with child playing with father behind her. Foreground text: LinkNow is a forever-remote workforce. Here's why.

The pandemic has made everyone reimagine how they live and work.

It’s made us take a hard look at ourselves and the world around us. It’s made us think about the ways we work, how we can improve it, and how we can all work smarter, not necessarily harder.

With that perspective in mind, LinkNow decided to become a remote-by-design digital marketing company. In 2020, we transitioned our workforce to working 100% remote, permanently. And overall, we couldn’t be happier about it.

A year and a half into a global experiment, let’s look at how LinkNow transitioned and why’ve decided to make the switch permanent.

WFH: A Less Bumpy Transition Than Expected

After everyone settled into their workstations at home, it became clear that a decrease in the workforce’s productivity was not going to be an issue.

Sure, there were some kinks in the works. That’s inevitable with such a big change. We had to rework our communication channels. We had to develop new managerial systems and styles, as well as implement individualized targets and metrics.

But even then, the benefits proved huge.

Within just one full week of working from home, we recorded high sales, a drop in downgrade and cancel requests, and an increase in positive reviews from clients.

After monitoring how employees were doing at home for the first 6 months paired with hard data analysis from employee polls, LinkNow Media decided to work entirely remotely. And we’re all the better for it.


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