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Are you always trying to find new and better ways to promote your business accurately? So is Google. And now they’re providing you with another way to do this—one that was previously removed way back in 2016.

In August of 2016, Google wrote that the field could be edited in Google+ but not Google My Business, but that attribute editing would be added to Google My Business soon.

The assumption for this change was that businesses were using the description section to spam keywords. This was frustrating of course for businesses that simply wanted to provide an accurate description of their business that could be seen in the search results. Well, for those who missed it—it’s back!

What Does it Look Like?

This update is readable and easy to access. When you search a business, look to the local panel, glance to the bottom right below reviews and you’ll see the business’s own description titled “From [business name]”.

Descriptions cannot be any longer than 750 characters and cannot include URLs or HTML code. This allows businesses to add a concise summary that provides the opportunity to drive more customers their way.

While URLs and HTML code can’t be added, you may be wondering if the spam from before will return. This update is new but our guess is that like with other spam, it will affect SEO in a negative rather than positive way so it really won’t be worth the risk.

How Do I Add It?

Adding your business description on Google My Business is simple. When you’re logged in to your dashboard, simply click “Info” and you’ll see options to update your website, appointment URL accessibility, and now business description.

Common inclusions in business descriptions include what sets you apart, important points in your business history, or anything else that you think your customers are going to want to know. And while this feature is not yet available to everyone, we’re pretty certain it soon will be.

Writing a Quality Description

Looking for help writing a high-quality 750-character description for your business? Start off by thinking of it as a combination of your mission statement and executive summary. Many mission statements are so to the point they’re only nine words long, while executive summaries are proportionate to the length of a business plan.

By starting off with a bank featuring your mission statement and then combining the most important points of your executive summary afterward, you can create a to-the-point paragraph that has potential clients breaking down your doors!

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do we offer?
  • Who are my current clients?
  • What do they like about my business?
  • Who do I want to attract?
  • What makes us different?
  • What’s our biggest accomplishment?

Writing your business description can be a lot of fun, and you should never need to stuff it with spam or URLs!

Customization and Quality

This update accurately follows Google’s trend for increased customization, quality, and accuracy in their listings. It’s a good step forward and we look forward to this feature being accessible to all!


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