Why You Need to Take Advantage of Google My Business Posts

It’s not enough to create a website, let it sit there, and hope it generates leads. You need to find ways to show that you’re an active business with exciting opportunities, great deals, and the experience to back it up. Like we tell all our clients, there is no easier way to capture someone’s eye than by creating an eye-catching Google My Business post.

So, we’ve put together a blog about the many advantages of Google My Business (GMB) posts. Plus we’ve rounded it out with some tips on how to craft the perfect post for yourself!

What Are Google My Business Posts?

If you have already claimed your Google My Business listing and outfitted it with all the best photos and relevant business information, you’ve probably been wondering what you should do next. Our advice? Make a GMB post!

A GMB post allows you to publicize events, products, services, and special offers directly to the Google search page and the Google Maps page. With GMB posts, you get to target both the organic and the local searches! Your posts should have four parts:

  • A relevant image that captures the attention
  • Some catchy and concise text
  • A URL for linking your website to the post
  • A Call to Action (CTA) inviting the user to contact you

A Google My Business Post is a Free Way to Reach More Users!

Think of it a GMB post as an ad for your company. Unlike other ads, however, it doesn’t cost you a penny to publish it!

When someone searches for your business or finds it in the Google Maps search, they will see your most recent GMB post. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to get someone to actually visit your website. But the GMB post is the perfect way to showcase your services in a flash—without even a visit to your site!

How to Create the Perfect GMB Post

You need to make a post that intrigues your audience enough for them to reach out to you.

Thankfully, GMB couldn’t be any more user-friendly, and when your business has many exciting deals and opportunities to offer, a quality post can write itself!

Tip 1: Keep the GMB Post Short and Sweet

Try to keep it under 80-100 words. Remember that only the first 100 characters or less might appear on someone’s phone screen, so don’t get carried away!

Tip 2: Post the Perfect Picture

And when it comes to selecting a photo for the post: Don’t use a picture of a pretty blue sky or a famous painting—post a photo of your business or something extremely relevant to the post itself!

Tip 3: Use Your Google My Business Post to Talk to Customers

Remember: Don’t write like a robot. Use a down-to-earth voice in your post. And don’t fill it with too many buzzwords. No one’s going to trust a post like that! Use the opportunity to talk about something that any customer would love to know about. Things like exclusive deals, a recently completed project that you’re proud of, or an upcoming sale.

Tip 4: Make New GMB Posts Regularly

Google’s local panel clears GMB posts after seven days, so that means you need to make new posts regularly if you want users to keep seeing your eye-catching posts.

Got Questions? Can’t Keep Up with Your Google Posts?

If you want to take advantage of this amazing marketing opportunity but you’re still a little lost or pressed for time, contact the team at LinkNow today!

Call us at 1-888-667-7186 or email us at mylocalseo@linknowmedia.com.



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