What Is a NAP and Why Is Your NAP Important to Rank on Google?

You got a website because you want leads. But the only way to get leads is to have up-to-date contact information available online.

In local marketing, (marketing that makes use of Google Maps, business listings, and more) we call your name, address, and phone number a NAP. On top of ensuring that clients can find your business or call you, having a correct and up-to-date NAP on every website, listing, and social media account is the first step to ranking well on Google’s local map-based searches.

Read on to learn what a NAP is and why it’s so important for ranking on Google Maps!

What Is a NAP?

In simple terms, your NAP is the name, valid address, and phone number for your business. Your NAP is the contact information that allows clients to find your business online and then contact you in person.

Every instance in which your NAP appears online (so that anyone with a computer can find it) is called a citation. Usually, citations are part of business listings like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google My Business, etc.

Why Does Google Want Your NAP to Be Correct?

The easiest why explain this is with an example.

Let’s say you want to rent a goat. Why? It doesn’t matter. You just need a goat for a few hours. You search “goat rentals near me” on Google Maps and find a reputable looking GMB listing for a company called Goats 2 Go. You look at the address and do a quick Google Streetview check.

“Those look like goats,” you tell yourself looking at a goat looking back at you, “Definitely goats.”

You get directions and go. But when you get there, there are no goats. Worse, there’s no office for Goats 2 Go. You drive around. You call the number. It turns out they’re no longer located nearby at all. It’s going to be a two-hour drive to get your goat.

Who looks bad in this situation? Google does. It’s their platform and they’re expected to provide users with correct information.

Google’s number one goal is to provide relevant search results. And if you include the wrong name, address or phone number on your Google My Business, it makes Google look like they don’t know what they’re doing. It hurts their credibility and makes users turn to other search engines.

Does It Matter if My NAP Is Wrong on Other Business Directories?

Google is one gigantic index that’s continually updated with new webpages, websites, posts, and more. If Google believes that a business directory has useful information about your business, it will present that information to its users. By ensuring that that information is correct, you’ll guarantee that potential clients have the information they need to hire you!

In addition to the trust established between you and your clients, Google will be more likely to trust you if you have the same NAP on every citation. If Google trusts you, it’s more likely that they will rank you higher than others on the search results. Although there are many factors involved in ranking on Google, your NAP is the first and perhaps the most important step.

The point is, if you want to rank well on local Google Maps searches, you need to make sure that your NAP is up-to-date and consistent everywhere it appears online.

Need Help With Your NAP Consistency?

It’s one thing to ensure that your Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and Yellow Pages all have the same information that you’re displaying on your website. But the internet is full of information about your company that may or may not be correct. If you need help trying to clean up your NAP, LinkNow Media’s local SEO team can help. We provide NAP clean-ups that are fast, efficient, and very affordable.

Give us a call at 1-888-667-7186 or send an email to mylocalseo@linknowmedia.com. And if you have a comment or question, leave a reply below!


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