Top Marketing Trends for the Holidays


The holiday season is an exceptionally busy time, especially for small businesses. Here’s a helpful list of top marketing trends small businesses can take advantage of and secure their spot in the holiday season shopping craze.

1. Optimize Your Website

Nowadays online shopping is just as important as storefront shopping, if not more. Make sure your business’s website (both the desktop and mobile versions) is optimized for quality user experience, for example, the website should be easy to navigate through and everything should be clearly labeled.  If you’re offering great sales or discounts, your website should also be optimized for heavy traffic especially around the days leading up to Christmas. Consider purchasing extra technology just to ensure that the website runs smoothly and does not crash. 

2. Become a shipping expert

Stock up on extra shipping supplies and consider recruiting some extra help. Due to the holiday madness, shipping can usually suffer delays. Make sure that on your end, you process and ship as fast as possible. If presents make it under the Christmas tree on time, customers will most likely come back for more.

2. Engage in Social Media

Take advantage of all the potential content you can use to share and engage with your audience during the holidays. For example, do a countdown to Christmas campaign and snag customers who share your same holiday excitement!

3. Storefront display

Although maintaining a solid online presence is essential, don’t forget about your storefront. The classic way to attract potential buyers during the holidays is having beautiful, eye-catching window displays. If not, why do you think Macy’s maintains the tradition? So add some festive flair to your store and welcome your customers with joy.

4. Offer Great Deals in Stores

Aside from offering awesome discount coupons online, don’t forget to include amazing deals in your storefront as well. Do proper research and find out which products are hot and which products are not and which ones are people more inclined to purchase at a storefront versus online. Ultimately, focus on offering your customers a deal they can’t find anywhere else.

5. Share the love with your customers

While your customers expect to purchase gifts from you, they do not expect you to gift them with something special. Share the holiday spirit and reward your customers with a holiday card, chocolate, or whatever you know will make your customers feel extra special.