The Most Popular Social Media Networks and how to use them


There’s a lot of social media networks out there right now and if you’re new to the platform it can be difficult to choose which to pursue. Well, the short answer is: all of them.
Head spinning yet? Don’t worry.

There are four titans of social media, and instead of spreading yourself thin over up-and-coming sites that may seem promising, focus on these first.


Facebook is a catch-all app. It’s been around since 2004 and is the most important pioneer of social media out there. Over the years it’s been through many changes and offers an unbelievable amount of options for you to use as a business owner.

Make sure to fully complete your profile.

Use the call to action button to direct users to your website or a specific page such as a contest or an event.

Interact with other businesses by endorsing the product and trading likes for likes. Promos for both of you!

Don’t forget to use targeting, post boosting and Facebook ads. Facebook ads are some of the most useful out there and you can target specifically to make sure just the right people see them.


Snapchat was made for sharing behind-the-scenes images and videos and helping your customers to see how day-to-day operations play out. Using Snapchat will create a real brand community. If you ever wanted fans, this is how you get them.

Of 150 million daily active users, 73% are millennials. If you’re aiming for this market, Snapchat is your dream marketing tool.

Sour Patch Kids pulls off public pranks and launches contests with their account, makeup brand Birchbox snaps makeovers, and brands like Amazon and Taco Bell release new products and amazing deals on their pages.


Tweets are short and sweet, and the best tweets drive emotion. Twitter users love to interact with each other, so to be successful in their world, make sure you’re commenting and retweeting posts that are pertinent to your client base.

Enhance your bio with interesting and informative words that drive SEO, and of course use the infamous hashtags. But don’t overdo it. If you use more than two hashtags, your engagement will drop by an average of 17%. Do your research and choose only the best.


Instagram is image- and video-based. It’s a user-friendly platform that has now incorporated Snapchat aspects in the form of “stories” so you can post as much as you like, but save the best for your permanent page.

Set up your account as a business, which is free to do, so that you’ll have analytics available. That way you can see what your best images are and when there’s the most traffic on your page.

Stay consistent with image style and even color schemes to create an all-over effect people will want to follow.

Don’t use your phone’s camera. Use a real camera and upload professional shots.

se Instagram’s editing tools, but don’t overuse them. If you’re uncertain, do some research online!

Instagram is home to brand ambassadors with millions of followers—follow them and communicate regularly. If they use your product, you’ll see your fans increase tenfold! Just remember—don’t spam anyone. No one likes spam.

Enjoy Your Social Experience

Pinterest and Tumblr bring up the rear for popular social media networks. They still have a wealth of users and potential for brand recognition. But we recommend optimizing your Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram before branching out to anything else.
Happy socializing!


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