The Google Answers Box

Google Answers

Did you know there’s a term for that little box you type your searches into on Google? Well, there is, and that term is “the Google answers box”.

We all know about typing in a few words and having autofill provide you with multiple suggestions as to what you may be searching for. And, for many, the thought of getting your content into this answer box is something they’d never think of.

But when you think about how useful it could be to have your content in that easy-to-click little box, leading browsers to your website, it starts seeming very attractive. So, how do you get your content to show up in the coveted answers box?

The Best of the Best

Let’s start by saying that connecting your website to the answers box does not mean having your site appear in the answer box itself. For example, if your business is called “Carl’s Carpentry” our aim is not for browsers to see the suggestion of “local carpentry Carl’s Carpentry” show up when searching.

Instead, you want content within your site to connect to this search, showing your website as one of the top-ranked sites on the search page after a browser clicks their chosen keywords.
And, surprise surprise—like any other SEO ranking, you’re going to have to be the best of the best to get to your end goal.

Easily Accessible Authority

Search engines are all about easily accessible information that holds authority. Pages selected for quick answers are high-authority, high-quality, well-structured sites. Their theme is relevant, and they are optimized for user experience.

And most importantly of all, they have an answer for the browser’s question.

Content is key when aiming to get in the coveted Google answers box. By working with a topic that people are searching for, and writing a clear and concise page about it using long tail keywords, you’ll up your chances of being recommended to potential clients by Google.

Extra Perks

If you have a website perfectly optimized and filled with valuable content, you may even benefit from direct links to call to action pages on your website. A good example of this is Adobe Reader. If you search to download Adobe Reader, you’re given the option right on Google’s search page before you even click on their website.

Now, we can’t all be Adobe Reader, but with some hard work and effort, we can climb our way to the top.

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

It’s been shown time and again that quality websites breed quality perks and draw in a multitude of clients. There’s no specific steps you can take that will guarantee that your site links to a Google answers box suggestion, but by aiming high and taking the time to fill your website with content that matters, you’ll be heading in the right direction.


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