The Cycle of Client Contact: Why Understanding Your Client Is So Important

The Cycle of Client Contact

To run a successful company, knowing and understanding your clientele is the name of the game. You not only need to know what your clients are looking for, but how they are looking for it, and what is being said about your business when a service is complete.

Most business transactions follow a cycle of client contact. First, the client discovers your business through advertising, word of mouth, or (most likely) on Google. Next, the client hires your business and experiences your service first-hand. Once the client knows you, they can choose whether to hire you in the future, to leave you a good or bad online review, or recommend you to their friends. Based on your reputation, other potential clients will read a review or receive a recommendation, and the cycle begins again.

This cycle of client contact is what helps build and grow your business. In this article, we will outline a few tips and tricks on how to optimize the client contact stage and how to move your business forward.

Stage 1: The Discovery

To potential clients who have never used your service, your business is a completely new experience for them. that’s why online branding and marketing are so important for building trust and onboarding new clients.

What is going to make your business stand out for the crowd? It could be your fun name, eye-catching logo, great reviews, or a professional website.

How can you help your client? Your client should be able to answer this question before they even hire you. Your online presence should be relevant, engaging, and effective. Your digital marketing should outline the service(s) you offer, how you conduct them, and why your team stands out from the competition.

Why should your client trust you? What expertise do you have? Who works for you? What tools do you use? And how do you respond to negative reviews?

Stage 2: The Experience

After the client has discovered your business, it’s time for the important part: the customer experience. The individual experience is going to make or break your cycle of contact. If the experience is positive, the client will be satisfied and help you build a good reputation and attract more customers. If the experience is less favorable, you may lose an entire chain of potential business.

Personalization and Convenience

Ensure to prioritize communication with your clients during their experience. Let them know how you will be helping them and what to expect. Provide them with clear pricing and take the time to answer their questions attentively.

Building trust and integrity with your clients is essential.

Stage 3: Establishing Reputation

Once the service is complete, the progress of the cycle is now in the hands of your clients. Going above and beyond to provide the very best care possible, will encourage your clients to remember their good experience when they need your expertise in the future.

Asking your clients to leave you a positive review is another good option to boost online reputation. While many people jump at the chance to complain about bad service, few take the time through their own initiative, to leave you an excellent online review, so don’t be afraid to mention it!

In the case that you receive a negative review, potential clients will be watching how you respond. Be kind, understanding, and as diplomatic as possible. Offer a solution and do not criticize those who review you.

Strengthening the Cycle of Client Contact

Next time you want to strengthen your approach to customer service, remember the cycle of client contact. Ensure that your online platforms are attractive, searchable, and relevant. Go above and beyond to deliver the best customer experience possible and encourage your clients to leave you a review when they have a good experience. The goal is to build an excellent reputation, now and into the future.

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