The Complete Guide to Better Rankings on Yelp

If you’re a small business owner, it pays to have a Yelp listing. But that listing will only help if it appears at the top of Yelp’s search results.

To appear at the top of the search results page, there are a few things you need to do. Follow this simple How-To guide and the top of Yelp searches in no time!

What Are Yelp Rankings?

In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing—LinkNow’s twin specialties—you’ll hear a lot of talk about your ‘website ranking’ and your ‘Yelp ranking’. When consumers search for a service provider in their local area, the results are listed in order of relevance. Your place on that list is your ranking.

Your goal is to the top of the search results page so that more people will find your business and turn into leads.

Make Sure Your Yelp Listing is Claimed and Accurate

First things first, you should make sure that you claim your Yelp listing. To ‘claim’ a listing is to verify that you are the business owner. A claimed listing has a blue checkmark beside the listing name, and an unclaimed listing doesn’t. This lets users know that the listing they’re looking at is the official listing for the business. It proves that you care about your online presence—which looks good to the folks at Yelp, too!

Second, you want to make sure all the information on your listing is accurate. That means up-to-date photos, contact information, and business description.

Next, make sure there aren’t any other listings for your business on Yelp. Multiple listings can confuse a Yelpers—especially if the information on a duplicate listing is incorrect.

Ask Your Satisfied Customers to Write a Yelp Review!

When Yelp is determining the ranking of search results, they take a lot of things into consideration. The most important one is your customer ratings and reviews. The more richly detailed and relevant reviews you have, the better!

Keywords in Yelp Reviews: What Are They, and Why Are They’re Important

When Yelp looks at your reviews, they’ll take note of the keywords that reviewers have used to describe your business. Do they match the keywords you’ve used? Do they relate to the business categories you’ve chosen?

If you’re running a restaurant, your keywords would be the foods and dishes you specialize in. Are people raving about your restaurant’s dumplings and soups? Then be sure to update your Yelp page to include ‘dumplings’ and ‘soup’ in your specialties. When people search for the best dumplings in your city, Yelp will include your business in those search results.

Bonus Tip: Write Like a Real Person, Not a Robot

Remember, when you’re tidying up your Yelp listing and sprinkling relevant keywords in your descriptions, try to sound natural. Yelp places a high value on an everyday yet professional tone.


Managing your online presence and your real-life business, can be challenging. But when you know the right tips and tricks, things get a whole lot easier. If you’re stumped or hungry for more info, leave a comment below with a question of your own!


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