The Agency Advantage

Advantages of Hiring An Agency

Why Hiring an Agency Is Better than a Local Web Design Company or Freelancer

Every business owner knows that it’s important to be online, and many more are becoming aware of the importance of SEO too.

When it comes to marketing your business and managing your online presence, there are a few options available to you. Some business owners choose to work with a freelancer or call their local web design company. While these could both be good options, depending on what it is you’re trying to achieve, working directly with a marketing agency offers you a more comprehensive approach to all the elements that go into making your online presence a success.

If you’re trying to determine the best option for your business’ online marketing, we’d like to highlight the many benefits of hiring a professional agency.

Access to Different Skillsets

The first and perhaps most obvious advantage to hiring a marketing agency is the access you have to different professionals. Agencies are made up of talented people working together and using their unique specialties to deliver comprehensive services. Most online marketing agencies will have web designers, writers, marketing specialists, and customer service representatives working on their teams.

More Comprehensive Marketing Options

Search engine optimization is complex, and while many freelancers specialize in this field, the odds are that they can’t offer the depth of knowledge that a marketing agency can.

An agency has the time and resources to continually monitor your online presence, keep up with ever-changing google trends and understand the small details.

The marketing services offered by a marketing agency could include:

  • Writing citations for your web page
  • Auditing your online presence
  • Create search-engine-optimized landing pages
  • Handling social media
  • Managing your Google My Business Page
  • And much more

More Experience Working in the Industry

Even if the marketing company you choose to work with is still in its early years, chances are they have still worked with more businesses than your average freelancer or web design company. When it comes to marketing unique businesses, experience is everything, and trusting an agency that has worked with many companies just like yours is likely the best option.

Dedication to Your Business

Even the most organized freelancers fall behind from time to time. Most freelancers have day jobs and other commitments that are of high priority. When you work with a marketing agency, however, you will have a team of experts at your disposal throughout the week. You can trust that your tasks are being completed because agencies have more employees and better task management software.

Better Rates

While working with a freelancer may be a more personalized experience, it could also be more expensive. Agencies have the means to charge more competitive rates and more time to talk to you about what you’re actually getting for your money.

If you need a new website design or a couple of new SEO pages, hiring a freelancer or your local web design company may be good enough. But if you are dedicated to marketing your business and managing your online presence, it’s best to look into hiring an agency.


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