Snapchat for the Small Business Owner


Any business in 2017 knows that social media is a necessity. Whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay, and EVERYONE is using it. As of May 10, 2017, Snapchat was listed as having 166 million daily active users. The average number of snaps sent out per day is three billion, with some users being so dedicated that the longest running Snapchat streak is 629 consecutive days.

These are facts that are hard to ignore. If you’re one of the businesses out there that’s avoiding trying out new apps like Snapchat, it’s time to sit down, do the research and get on the boat.

Transparent Media

Snapchat is the leader in transparent, real time media. It uses a simple interface to capture what is happening in a moment. The fact that these snaps can only be watched once, adds an air of panic to viewers. They know they only have a small amount of time to see what you’re showing them and that they need to pay attention. Unlike other social media avenues, all focus must be on your post.

A sense of urgency when posting about a sale or something new your business is promoting will get customers interacting with you faster than a passive post that can sit around for weeks until people catch on.

There aren’t a lot of small businesses out there that can afford lavish video ads, but with Snapchat you don’t have to. Users love the personal touch. They know they are seeing something that was taken the same day they’re looking at it and it makes them feel closer to your brand. With Snapchat’s storytelling style, you can take videos that evolve throughout the day. This hooks viewers who are eager to see the conclusion!

Fancy Features

As Snapchat grows, so do its features. The Snapchat geofilter is one of the most exciting bits of technology they’ve rolled out so far. For a shockingly low fee, you can design your own filter that people can apply over their snaps when they’re at a certain location, such as your store or an event you’re throwing.

Looking for brand ambassadors? Look no further.

One popular thing to do with Snapchat is account takeovers. Hand over your password to one of these newly found ambassadors and let them show off your brand through their eyes.

The Final Word

Snapchat allows you to take your clients and customers behind the scenes into the day-to-day life of your business. While in the past small business owners may not have necessarily been in the spotlight of their own business, now you can use your own personality and vision to show people what you see when you look at your brand.

Use fun features and transparent media to engage and excite your viewers and become Snapfamous!


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