Five Local SEO Tips

You’re a local business owner or a store manager striving to get more sales and more leads, but there’s just not enough hours in the day to tackle the marketing aspect of your business. Does this scenario ring a bell? 

One way you can ensure to push your business forward without having to spend too many hours on end is improving your online visibility and reputation. Here are five quick and easy tips on how to guide your business towards local search engine optimization (SEO) success.

Tip #1: Claim, Verify, and Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Aside from your website, you should also consider the Google My Business page as another useful tool to boost your local visibility. Make sure you claim your profile. Then verify that all the information on there is complete and accurate. Finally, optimize your business page. For example, upload photos and make sure all available fields are filled out. 

Tip #2: Use Local Phone Number and Address

Don’t hesitate to spell out your business local phone number and address on your website (preferably on the footer). This information is especially useful for users as it confirms exactly where you are. It also helps you rank locally. 

Tip #3: Create Multiple Pages

Most businesses provide a range of services. Instead of offering all those services under one page, the first rule of SEO is to have one page PER service you provide. That way you will promote better visibility and relevance online. Additionally, you must make sure that each of those pages is optimized, such as being clear on what service you are offering and where you are offering it.

Tip #4: Optimize your Page Titles

If you provide a range of services and have different pages catering to each of those services, it’s important that you optimize the titles of these pages. This way you will provide a better and clearer user experience to a potential customer. Moreover, Google encourages and rewards page titles that are user friendly. 

Tip #5: Monitor Your Reviews

Recent studies have shown that users really value business reviews. So it’s important you view reviews as a way to develop a strategic advantage when you’re trying to get more clicks and visibility. Google is always experimenting to find the best way to gather and display reviews. You can read about the most recent changes here to make sure you have a  full understanding of the process.