Reserve With Google


In 2016, Google began rolling out its own reservation application. This means that when someone is searching for a service through Google, they don’t even have to go to their website to book services!

Along with the rest of the information you’d normally see on a Google My Business listing, when you scroll, you’ll also have service options as well as prices.

But, how does it work and who can use it?

Starting out in New York, L.A., and San Francisco, Reserve with Google is now slowly going live across North America. The feature has partnered with other scheduling apps such as Appointy, Bookatable, Booksy, FullSlate, GenBook, MindBody, SuperSalon, Wellnessliving and many more.

Currently users are able to book services for spas, studios, and gyms through Reserve with Google, but it’s clear that they will be expanding beyond that in the future.

Reserve with Google is free for users and businesses alike.

If Reserve with Google is available in your city, all you need to do is pick one of the partner scheduling apps and sign up. Once you’ve got yourself set up there, you’ll automatically show up on it.

Is it Good for Customers?

In today’s fast paced world of instant gratification, Reserve with Google is great for customers. And, it’s great for you too.

Clients who know and love your services will be able to schedule faster than ever with half the clicks, and new clients will be intrigued by how simple it is to book an appointment with you.

Sure, you won’t necessarily get to show off your awesome website every time, but when it comes to bringing business in you’ll be ahead of the curve.

For customers to use Reserve with Google, they can look by location and date of booking. Then, they’ll be shown a list of classes. Once they make their decision, they will pay via credit card, which will be saved on file to make it even easier to sign up next time.

The Importance of Reviews

When you start picturing the landscape of Google with this new feature, it’s painfully clear that reviews and star ratings are going to be more important than ever!

While some browsers will be doing their research, looking beyond the service package that’s being showed to them, we can guarantee that many others will look at those stars and book based solely on that rating.

One single star rating? You’re never going to receive an automatic booking. Fifty five-star ratings? You’ll be getting more bookings than ever.

So, whether Reserve with Google has reached your city or industry yet or not, it’s time to start buffing up those five-star reviews. They could be doing all the legwork you need to expand your business in the very near future!


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