Local SEO for Small Businesses in Small Towns

The internet isn’t just for social media!

Did you know that over 97% of consumers go online to find local services and products? As a small-town business owner, a thoughtful and detailed local SEO campaign can yield incredible results.

You’ll have the opportunity to establish an online presence in your region, connect with your existing and prospective customers, and ultimately generate more leads through local SEO. There’s nothing to lose.

Implement these strategies, and your Google rankings will be sure to climb to the top!

1. Create and Update Your Google My Business Listing

Local SEO is all about being searchable on Google Maps in your local area. Because there’s less competition in rural areas, small-town business owners have the opportunity to become an industry expert in their region!

Be sure your business is registered—for free—on Google My Business. You’ll broaden your exposure and appeal to searchers, both on Google Maps and Google Search. Your listing will also connect to your reviews, and all relevant information will be visible to any searcher at the touch of a button!

2. Tie Up Any Loose Ends with Your NAP

Expertise, authority, and trust (EAT) are what Google likes to see in a webpage. After all, they are a business just like you and want to offer their customers the best experience they can.

A key component of EAT is consistency. If there are discrepancies in your business’s name, address, and phone number, it can not only be misleading to customers but can negatively affect your online ranking presence. Conversely, if your information is correct everywhere it appears online, you’ll be on your way to ranking among the top results on Google!

If you’ve changed your business’s location, name, or other info, make sure to address these by correcting the information where inconsistencies exist. And if you’re not sure whether incorrect NAP information exists out there, it may be time for a NAP clean-up from LinkNow Media!

3. Increase the Scope of Your Reviews

Reputation is everything. And word-of-mouth is still the make-or-break factor of any business, particularly one specializing in services. What’s more, the internet has allowed clients—and anyone with internet access—to be more vocal than ever.

Seize the opportunity. Encourage your clients to review your services online! Respond to your reviews, too—and not just the glowing ones! Search engines taking to account the quality as well of the quantity of the reviews.

Start the buzz!

4. Scope Out Backlinks and Directories

Backlinks—or links to your site posted on other websites—are a great way to establish your presence and expertise. They act like referrals by showing Google that other, more authoritative websites believe in what you’re selling.

Seek opportunities to have your site incorporated on industry-relevant sites, magazines, and blogs. It could be as simple as using platforms like HARO or ProfNet to expertly respond to questions from journalists and bloggers. Directories are another great way!

Your local SEO specialists can ensure that your backlinks presence and consistent and growing.

5. Consider Your Content!

If there’s one thing that will determine your website’s ranking above all else, it’s content.

Equip your website with content that is not only engaging and informative but is a search engine’s dream. That means articulate, well-written content and a carefully planned keyword strategy. If you want to make sure it’s done right, outsource your content to an experienced content writing team. They’ll ensure that your content is written and edited to rank on Google.

Consider location-specific landing pages and reinvest in your existing content with extensions and updates. That way you can be sure to be informing both search engines and searchers!


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