Is Your Small Business Website Pleasing Search Engines and Users?

boatUser experience and SEO are intrinsically linked in a very intimate way, but appealing to both search engines and users can be a thin line to walk. For example, what may look visually appealing can end up hurting your site’s ranking. Or, what may sound like a million-dollar headline may not be doing anything for SEO. That’s what we’re looking at today—finding the balance between catchy and optimized content. Here’s some advice from LinkNow Media that will help you create content that will please both site visitors and search engines.


We’ve looked at keyword usage in previous posts and today we’re going to drive home the importance of using keywords appropriately again. Using keywords effectively involves keeping your target audience in mind and using keyword research tools to determine the phrases they use to find the services that you provide. If you are a flower shop owner located in Montreal, simply stating that you’re a local florist is not enough. Do you offer sympathy flowers? Mother’s Day flowers? Do you provide delivery services? If so, you could use words like same-day flower delivery, affordable flower delivery, bike flower delivery, or send flower arrangements today. Phrases likes these will help Google determine what it is you are offering.

Anchor Text

People aren’t going to spend their time reading boring content, or content that contains uncommon words or unnecessary details. That’s why it’s important to keep content fun, easy to read, and to the point. This is where anchor text can be super helpful. Anchor text is clickable text in a hyperlink that takes a user to another location, either elsewhere on your website or to another entirely different website, like this link to information on anchor text from Moz. When it comes to anchor text, it is important that it’s optimized properly, which means using natural language and keeping keywords relevant and concise.

Internal Linking

No one is going to follow through with a purchase or pick up their phone to get in touch with you for your services if there’s no trust. When it comes to forming relationships on the Web, you need people to trust you as an authority, and that means producing authoritative content. One way to do this is by linking internally. Internal linking involves linking from one page on your website to another page on your website. This helps search engines to determine what your content is about, and it keeps site visitors on your site.

Final Thoughts

The three tips listed above bridge the gap between user experience and SEO, which is integral to driving the right kind of traffic to your website—people who need your services and are ready to buy. At LinkNow Media, we are here to help you with all of this. Right now, we’re offering 50% off on pages of custom content. But, you’ll need to act fact because this deal ends this Friday, May 19th!


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