Is it Time to Rebrand Your Small Business?

Untitled-1If you’re beginning to think that your company’s image is looking a little stale, then it might be time to make some changes. This is a point that most companies hit, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you took a wrong turn somewhere. On the contrary, you should be proud of the fact that your business has grown to this stage. When it comes to rebranding, it’s important that you make changes thoughtfully. It might take weeks, or even months of brainstorming, and you’ll find that there are many ideas worth keeping and others that need to be tossed out. Here are some rebranding tips from LinkNow Media to keep in mind:

Understand Why You Are Rebranding

If your brand is failing, then it needs to change. Like anything in life, it’s not going to happen overnight – and it shouldn’t. Making a drastic change too quickly may turn off long-term clients and confuse or isolate new ones. Understanding why your company is making a change is key when it comes to deciding if a major overhaul is necessary or if you can get by with a few minor tweaks. Rebranding may seem simple enough, but it involves taking a step back from your business and asking yourself a few big questions. Why isn’t your brand working? What image best corresponds with your company’s message? How can you transition to a new brand without upsetting loyal customers?

Know Your Target Audience

It is important that your brand evolves with your audience or else they’ll stop talking about it. So, how do you get people talking about your brand? To put it simply, you’ll want your brand to be something worth having a conversation about. This might mean pushing the boundaries or getting out of your safe zone to get attention – but be careful. You don’t want to go too far out that you lose touch with your audience completely. If you want them talking about your brand then it is important that your message is loud and clear, yet intimate. This is where CRM and marketing automation programs can help you distribute your brand to your audience in a thoughtful way. After all, no one is going to speak to other people about your brand if it isn’t speaking to them in the first place.

Take a Risk

If you are a small business owner, the thought of a rebrand may seem scary. This is completely understandable, especially if your business is on the older side. You might be reluctant to let go of the old images that attracted a customer base in the first place. However, doing the same old song and dance can get old fast. There are ways to make adjustments without losing your loyal fans and hitting this note may mean hiring a rebranding specialist to call the shots. After all, it can be hard to say goodbye to something that you have an emotional attachment to. A professional in the field has a fresh eye, and can point out what you should highlight to stand out from your competition.


If you are looking to adjust your company’s brand then it might be helpful to read up on the branding failures and successes of major companies. Looking at other’s mistakes can help you to avoid making the same mistakes yourself.




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