How To Boost Traffic For Your Small Business Blog

road 2A blog is one of the most important elements on a website. Beyond SEO benefits, it is critical for attracting new clients, developing relationships, providing information, and solving problems. However, for your blog to achieve any of that, people first need to get there. Putting time and effort into writing and posting consistency doesn’t amount to anything if your blog isn’t generating traffic. So, how do you get your blog to generate traffic, and more importantly, how do you turn your visitors into subscribers? Below are a few tips to ensure your blogging efforts don’t go to waste.

Use Analytics

Technical aspects of a blog often take precedence, and understanding the motives behind prospective customers’ actions falls to the wayside. This is unfortunate because analyzing human behavior is such an important part of having a successful marketing strategy. If you aren’t putting yourself in the shoes of your readers, your words might be falling on deaf ears. Intuition is one thing, but there are a variety of analytic tools available that can provide you with useful information about what’s working and what isn’t. By understanding the reasons why a customer follows through with an action, you’ll be able to communicate more directly and effectively.

Produce Great Content

Connecting with your audience can be tricky, especially when it comes to blogs. You’ll want to keep things exciting for old subscribers, yet accessible for new readers. To achieve this balance, you’ll need great content. The first step in creating great content is knowing what your readers like. Are they looking for information? Do they respond well to GIFs? Pictures? This information is half of the equation. How this information is formatted on the page is the other half. Blog readers are likely skimming through the text, so it’s important that you break up the page with images, lists, bullet points, and subheadings.

Send a Welcome Email

If you are successful in getting a new subscriber, it’s important that you start off on the right foot. A great way to do that is by sending a welcome email. This is your chance to thank them for getting on board, and to make a lasting first impression. Since this is your first time contacting them directly, you’ll want to keep it concise. Instead of bombarding them with information, reaffirm that they made the right choice. We spoke about how to catch the reader’s attention in an email in a previous post, and the same rules can be applied here.

Share Your Posts

Blogs are for sharing. Get your blogs out there by sharing your posts on your company’s Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. This is the best way to help your blog gain momentum and an effective way to reach an audience beyond your own. Remember, it’s not just where you post that counts, it’s when you post that will really boost traffic.


There is no one way to manage a blog, but one thing is for sure – if your goal is to get subscribers, you’ll need to do more than just post a blog every other week. Having a great writer is a good start, but sticking with these guidelines ensures that your blog doesn’t go unread. Of course, these are only a handful of suggestions. With competition getting increasingly stiff, we at LinkNow Media will be sure visit this topic in the future.


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