How Important Is Facebook for Local Marketing?

The world of digital marketing and SEO evolves quickly. While some strategies have only become more important for any business owner, others have come and gone.

Despite the importance of implementing every helpful SEO practice possible, many business owners aren’t always sure what tactics are worth embracing and which ones they’re better off ignoring.

With Facebook entering it’s 15th year of operations, many business owners near and far are wondering: Has Facebook become irrelevant? Is having a Facebook page necessary to climb the rankings in Google? Does it help or hinder your digital marketing strategy?

Here at LinkNow, we thought we’d take a few moments to answer these questions and more!

Facebook Then and Now

Just three years ago, the Internet landscape was vastly different. Facebook was the single most popular social networking tool for teenagers. For bloggers and any business owner with a website, it was incredibly important to be active on Facebook. It was one of the most important sources of traffic.

As you might have heard, Facebook use has declined amongst teenagers significantly. These days, they would sooner flock to YouTube or Instagram than to Facebook. But does that mean Facebook is a lost cause? Believe us when we say, “Absolutely not!”

Facebook is still an incredibly useful marketing tool. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform!

Other online platforms such as LinkedIn are expensive for businesses to market on. Viewers see Youtube ads as disruptive, but Facebook has long been a resource for businesses, and that’s what users expect from it.


How to Use Facebook to Your Benefit

The companies who complain about their Facebook posts only reaching a tiny portion of their pages’ fans are more than often the people who don’t use Facebook like they should—plain and simple.

The trick is knowing what Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm recognizes as quality content. Video posts, for example, have great reach, while generic, sales-y posts are immediately snuffed out by the algorithm. An engaging piece of content such as a poll will also do well in the public’s newsfeeds.

In essence, Facebook wants you to post engaging and concise content. Which is fine, because that’s what you should want to be posting anyway!

Take Care of Your Business Page

One of the best benefits Facebook has to offer businesses is it allows you to communicate with your clients directly. They can message you, they can comment and ‘like’ your posts, and so on. But they’ll likely only do this if your Facebook page is fully updated and outfitted with all the things that make a business approachable. Make sure your page is verified, filled with attractive photos, and all the correct contact information.

Facebook Pages Boost Your Ranking

Many people talk about Facebook marketing as if it is separate from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but that isn’t entirely true. Google indexes credible Facebook pages, which in turn boosts your ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Facebook Marketing: You Get What You Give

In short, you’re only going to benefit from a Facebook page so long as you update it regularly and engage with your pages’ followers in a savvy way. Otherwise, you will likely not see the results you hope for.

Need Help with Your Facebook Marketing?

The LinkNow SEO team is at your service! If you need help developing a local SEO strategy that makes the most of Facebook and other social media networks, look no further. We’ve got it under control!

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