Google’s New Location Dashboard

GMB Dashboard

It’s the beginning of April and Google has pushed its dashboard re-design for Google My Business in a big way! The general consensus is that it not only looks great, but finally has real value to it.

Using a card approach, the new location dashboard highlights important notifications, activities, and calls to action. Originally seen last December, this update offers businesses a customized dashboard that features things of interest to that particular business rather than the previous standardized card that was the same across industries and business locations.

This update also came with Google email suggesting that businesses who are not very active on their dashboard check in and confirm their data. Now that the dashboard update can be considered officially live, what does that mean for you?

Secondary Updates

Rather than switching everything over to the new dashboard, Google implemented one update to the older one. Instead of receiving every little update you can now control which updates you get through the secondary update function.

To get rid of those unnecessary updates, head over to your classic dashboard, click “Google updates” and you’ll see a dropdown menu with the options “All”, “Business name”, “Places page URLs” and “Secondary updates”.

Changes that don’t require your immediate attention will automatically be deemed secondary but you can always view them in this way.

Location Groups

Location groups allows you to create a group that links multiple locations for easier sharing. While business accounts made it easier for multiple admins to manage a set of locations, this makes it easier still.

To set up a group, select the locations you want to include from your “Manage locations” panel, then click “Create location group” in the top right-hand corner.

Once you’ve created your group you can transfer locations in and out when you like, view information regarding only the businesses in that group, and share that group to multiple users at once.

Q&A Made Easy

With another notification update, Q&As are a lot easier to manage now. The moment a question is asked on your GMB page, you’ll receive an email listing the question, the name of the poster, and the location the question is being asked to.

Below this information is a button that says “REPLY NOW” and below that, a button that says “REPORT THIS QUESTION”. This makes it so much simpler to flag inappropriate questions!

Once a question has been answered, you’ll receive a notification for that as well.

It’s All About Communication

This new location dashboard update makes communicating with your clients, other admins, and managing multiple businesses easier than ever before.

If you don’t have the new dashboard yet or are still using the classic dashboard, just be patient. The updates are slowly rolling out but a large amount of businesses do have them—you could be next!


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