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In August of 2017, Google was testing a keyword feature to be listed in the top three local pack. As of September 28, they have begun rolling it out.

The “Their Website Mentions” feature means that search terms you use will be mentioned underneath the business’s basic information. For example, if you search for a vegan pizza restaurant, you’ll still see popular non-vegan pizza restaurants in the area, but ones with a vegan focus will say “Their website mentions vegan”.

This feature will not always appear. If the term is a part of the business name, category of listing, or if the search is too generic, the listing will appear as it always has.

While Google has never flat-out said that site content is a factor in local listings, this proves that it is.

What Does it Mean?

For those searching, this is another feature that will help you find what you’re looking for more easily. Search engines are, after all, all about fast and accurate information. By finding the pizza restaurant that says “vegan” somewhere within the listing, you won’t waste time clicking through restaurants that don’t have what you’re looking for.

For online marketers, we haven’t had much time to see what this means yet. But it’s safe to say that keywords are more important than ever.

History Lesson

Of all the SEO tactics, keywords have perhaps evolved the most. Back at the beginning of Google in the year 2000, keyword stuffing was prevalent. But with all the spam it caused, engines were quick to dissuade marketers from using this technique.

In 2003, Google began cracking down.

From 2006-2009, Google really started addressing the fact that not everyone was creating engaging content. An extension of the spam tornado of 2000, they began taking the first steps towards higher quality content, when in 2010 content really earned its title as King of SEO.

The way we use keywords is constantly changing and being perfected. Quality is very important and Google is always finding new ways to crack down on black hat SEO marketers.

What’s Next

It’s hard to guess what Google is going to drop on us next. Generally, updates are predicted a month or two prior to release and then online marketers just have to run with it.

We’re excited to see what Google’s “Their Website Mentions” feature does for the world of SEO, and what other changes it paves the way for in the future.


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