Google My Business API V 4.0


At the beginning of October, version 4.0 of the Google My Business Application Program Interface was announced.

The Google My Business API allows business owners to manage business locations on Google so that customers can find them, no matter what device they’re using. The API can be used to manage Maps, Search, and Ads.

Much like the Google engine itself, the API is always growing and changing. So what does version 4.0 mean for you as a business owner?


Businesses are used to using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to share updates and images, but did you know that you can do so on Google My Business as well? Earlier in the year, Google made it possible for small businesses to post in Google My Business web and mobile, but with version 4.0 they have expanded this to small businesses using third-party platforms. Unfortunately, if you are a large business with 10 or more locations, you cannot post across multiple locations and will not benefit from this feature.


The “photos” section is now named “media” and is listed as a resource under “location”. This renaming means that over time you will be able to upload stronger media content such as videos. But for now, this is just in the beginning stages so your options are limited.


Did it always bother you that you couldn’t say all you wanted to say about your business? Well, now you can. You can now manage detailed attribute information through the API. Add features of your business such as “has a pool” “bilingual”, or “accepts all major credit cards”.


For anyone in the online marketing world, more insights are always better. API 4.0 users will be able to view total photo count, total photo views, the number of times the post was viewed on Google, and the number of times a call to action post was clicked.

Leaps and Bounds

With all these new updates, the Google My Business API is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Multiple value attributes, upgraded media, analytics, not to mention, you will now receive more notifications. For example: if a review has been updated, you’ll know immediately and be able to deal with it faster than ever. We don’t see any negatives here. While there is always room for improvement, we believe that Google has made some strong steps with this update. Next time you hop on the Google My Business API, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all you can do!


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