Find Fresh Leads with These New Google My Business Features

This summer, Google unveiled several new features for Google My Business (GMB). Some of them are still to be released, but altogether they are a welcome addition to the platform. Why? The reason is simple:

They put power back into the hands of small business owners. They let you take control of your online marketing.

The stated purpose of these updates, straight from Google, is to help “businesses capture their identity.” And that’s exactly what they do. They’ll help you strengthen your online presence, showcase your strengths, and gain new leads in the process.

Ready to see how? Read on to learn about our four favourite new features and what they can do for you!

Build Your Brand with Photo Displays

Google has made it easier than ever to represent your brand in images. The new updates allow business owners to create personalized cover photos for their GMB listing, as well as enabling them to display their company logo.

While both of these features were previously available, but there was no guarantee that Google would actually display either of them on the GMB listing. Now, however, businesses can set a preferred cover photo. They’ll also have their logo displayed in the top-right once they confirm their business information.

Both features allow businesses to personalize their listing and reach a wider audience. That said, what we’re most excited for is a new addition called photo displays: a module that will enable businesses to provide regular updates on their work in a new and dynamic interface. Google also plans to enable captions, which will allow businesses to create even more engaging storytelling experiences for old and new clients. Stay tuned, folks!

Bring Business to Your Door with Welcome Offers

Are you ready for one of the coolest, most off-the-charts features you’ve yet to experience? Because—hoo boy—this one’s a game-changer.

Welcome Offers help you to attract new clients and build a loyal customer base. They allow you to reward users who follow your Google My Business listing by giving them access to discounts, coupons, and more perks.

The follow button is itself another new feature. If you use Google Maps on your smartphone, you may have already noticed it when searching for local businesses, under their hours of operation. It looks like this:

Once a user clicks that follow button, they’ll automatically receive any offers that you choose to publish. It’s a great way to drum up business while giving consumers that extra nudge they need to convert. Plus, you’ll be able to update your followers on any new developments or achievements you’d like to share about your business. They get a discount, and you get a loyal customer. It’s a win-win.

Currently, the follow function is only available on mobile devices, so there’s no way to access Welcome Offers unless you have a smartphone. But don’t think that the lack of desktop functionality is a drawback! Given that the majority of online activity now happens on mobile devices, it’s a non-issue. The purpose is to get users on the go to come straight to you—and that’s exactly what it achieves.

How to Set Up Welcome Offers:

  1. Open the Google My Business app on your smartphone.
  2. Press Profile at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Under Turn followers into customers, press Create Welcome Offer
  4. Press Create to confirm
  5. Enter the relevant information (discount title, description, coupon code, etc.)
  6. Press Preview
  7. Click Publish—and you’re good to go!

More info, visit Google’s About welcome offers page.

Free Advertising with Google Marketing Kit

Have you been wanting to bolster your online presence with regular social media posts, but just don’t have the time? Well, look no further: Google’s got you covered.

The Google Marketing Kit is a suite of tools to help you develop personalized, high-quality advertisements. You can create custom social media posts, stickers, and even printable posters to put up in your storefront. And what’s more, its intuitive design means it’s incredibly fast and simple to use. With virtually no design knowledge, I was able to create these three social media posts in under a minute:

These posts are highly customizable. You can advertise promotions, you can highlight customer reviews, and you can change the font, design, and layout of every post.

Simple. Elegant. Engaging.

The Google Marketing Kit can also help you generate online reviews. It comes with several printable window stickers—including one encouraging visitors to review you on Google—which you can post in your storefront. You never know: It may be the final reminder they need to pull out their phone and add another glowing review to your profile.

Get Calls with Google Guarantee—and More

More than ever, Google is trying to highlight businesses that they deem reputable and trustworthy. The new Google Guarantee feature is just one of the ways they’re attempting to accomplish that aim.

Google Guarantee is a new form of Google Ads (formerly ad words), which is available to businesses that pass Google’s screening process. You can spot companies using this feature because they’ll have the Google Guarantee badge next to their name.

Google Guarantee serves as a reassurance that the company meets a high standard for their business. If a customer is unsatisfied with the quality of service, they may be entitled to compensation (up to $2000) from Google directly.

Google Guarantee has had a considerable effect on consumer behaviour. Because it’s such a straightforward money-back guarantee, it is an incredibly persuasive marketing tool.

There’s more on the horizon, too. Google plans to unveil several additional badges in the near future, including one for Local Favourites, which will be assigned to businesses in the top 5% of their category. These new accolades are sure to help you shine as a business owner and set yourself apart from your competitors. Take advantage!

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