Don’t Have Time for Google Posts? These Websites do.

Google Posts

Google Posts allow businesses to create content directly on their Google listing. Due to the fact that these post are directly on Google, they receive a high ranking in search results. Referred to as “Candidate Cards”, if you’re on the hunt for party dresses in Montreal, you’ll be greeted with a carousel of posts about the party dresses offered by specific shops complete with photos and a sales pitch.

This feature started out as an experiment in 2016 first made available only to US presidential candidates. Since then the option to create Google Posts trickled down through popular movies, museums, and sports teams, finally emerging for all small business in the summer of 2017.

Seeing the benefits of these posts for SEO, businesses began looking for the best ways to take advantage of them through scheduling and outsourcing. So, how exactly can one do that?

Google Post Service Providers

The good news is, there are a few websites out there that are happy to help you manage your Google Posts. But which one should you be using?

Steady Demand

Steady Demand’s focus is on bridging the gap between social media and Local SEO ranking which makes it a great start for Google Post SEO. Where other apps have added Google Posts later in the game, Steady Demand has made them one of their core services. Available for all industries included in Google Posts (sorry hotels), posts by Steady Demand are high-quality and involve strong keywords. The only down side is with Steady Demand you can only schedule four posts per month. But at $99 per month that’s a pretty great deal.


Starting at $199 a month, Yext has added Google Posts to every package that they offer. Offering the promise that their app will help to drive revenue online and off, make data updates easy and fast, and help you to not only create but keep loyal customers, their pitch is a good one. And of the website’s we’ve mentioned, they are the only one to offer unlimited posts per month. For businesses with multiple social platforms this is great, however if your main focus is Google Posts then the price is a bit steep.


Like Yext, Sendible’s forte is not in Google Posts, though they do offer them as part of their white label solution to SEO management. Sendible allows you to manage your social networks, schedule messages, engage with your audience, and measure ROI from their all-in-one dashboard. Marketed to business owners who don’t have the time to create a strong social media strategy, at a starting price of $299 a month it had better be good!

While these three apps are available to a range of businesses, if you look within your specific industry you can find other options, for example PatientPop is one marketed directly to health care professionals.

How Do You Post?

Are you a fan of making all of your own posts? Do you outsource your writing? Is scheduling something that you consider to be useful? Let us know in the comments below!


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