Domain Based Emails May Strengthen Your Trustworthiness


Domain Based Emails May Strengthen Your Trustworthiness by LinkNow Media

There are many factors that can affect a business’s trustworthiness in the eyes of the consumer. Strong websites, social media presence and advertising are great examples of marketing that are utilized by just about any business to help build trust in the minds of consumers. But new research suggests that there is more to the topic than that.

New research conducted by GoDaddy, suggests there is more to online trustworthiness than businesses think. After polling 1000 americans, it was found that 75% of those surveyed attribute a business’s trustworthiness to their email address. Those who use domain based email addresses are thought to be more trustworthy and less suspicious than those who use personal and generic email platforms like gmail or hotmail. So if you do not want your profits to suffer, be sure to conduct all transactions through a domain based email address.

From a consumer standpoint, many view the email addresses that businesses use as an aspect of branding. From the minute a consumer interacts with a business, they are judging every aspect of the organization and asking themselves “do I trust my dollars here”. As unfortunate as it is, we live in a society that thrives on fraud. Businesses are constantly worrying about their money and at the same time so are consumers. So with that being said it can be of great value for businesses to always make sure they are conducting business with a domain based address. It’s a little thing to do, that can have a large impact. In the survey it was also found that consumers rank a trustworthy email above a business’s presence on social media in terms of importance.

Places to Get a Domain-Based Email Address

Google Apps For Work

Google Apps is one of the most popular hosts for businesses as their monthly plans range from $2.50 a month per use to around $10.00 a month.


This email hosting service has been around for almost 15 years and is as reliable as they come. They also over a free trial if you are having a hard time making the decision.


Another simple hosting service that is available in the same price range as google. They offer a referral program that can aid in getting free users.


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