Does Facebook Affect Local SEO?


When most of us think about SEO, we think about keywords, citations, landing pages, and a bit about social media. But it’s time to sit up and take notice, because believe it or not, Facebook is affecting your local SEO.

Have you heard of Facebook Local?

Well, if you know what Facebook Events are, this is the new and improved version. An exciting new option that helps you discover places to go and events happening near you.

Announced in early November 2017, Facebook declared the big relaunch which will be competing directly with websites like Yelp for the attention of social butterflies. It’s clear that a move like this will affect a lot of things online—but how?

Facebook Local Features

There’s still a lot about Facebook Local that’s being kept under wraps. The Facebook Local URL currently features an unmoving image with the option to get a notification when the download is available.

But from what has been released, the app will look similar to the current Events tab, but a lot more organized. You’ll be able to see categorized event guides, or search by day, week, or month.

You’ll also be able to see where your friends are planning to go on any given night.

Imagine: Google Maps, but with all the information you’d find about a venue on a Facebook page. Wow, right?

See that cool local bar you’ve been meaning to try out, but you don’t really want to go unless there’s live music playing that night? Just take a look at it on Facebook Local. You won’t even have to pick up the phone to find out what’s happening there on the weekend.

What We Know So Far

As Facebook continues on its mission to have its hands in absolutely everything and lead us closer and closer to the singularity (just kidding…sort of), what does that mean for SEO?
So far, we know that Facebook reviews are going to mean more than ever. Already connected to Google, we can predict that these two interfaces will meld together even further as Facebook gains power in the review world.

Keeping up an active Facebook page is also going to be important. This is a brilliant move on the part of Facebook, a site that to some, has recently been labeled “out of date”. There’s no doubt that the Facebook Local app is going to be immensely popular, and businesses that never even thought about starting up a Facebook page are going to have no choice but to do so.

Like FourSquare, check-ins are going to boost the popularity of businesses, and current events will make you more visible.

And, while ads aren’t out yet, you can be certain they will be soon.

Get Social

There’s no denying it: Humans love to keep up with each other at all times. Whether you’re stalking your friends or your ex, or knowing the hottest places to be, it’s something all of us care about—maybe a little too much.

Websites like Facebook are taking advantage of these needs, and aren’t going to slow down any time soon. As an SEO expert or business owner, it’s your job to keep up the pace.

Is your Facebook page the best it can be? Better go check!


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