CTA Tips for Small Businesses

CTA Tips for Small Businesses

Every site on the web has a goal. Whether that goal is to gain customers, introduce products, or get someone to join a mailing list, it should be clear, enthusiastic, and direct.

One of the best ways to ensure that visitors to your site understand your goal is to focus on the CTA – the call to action.

Once you have explained the value of your service or product, prospective clients need a “next step”, and that’s where the CTA comes in. The CTA directs them toward action and ensures they follow through with their objective, be it buying a new product, getting a quote for their deck construction, or gaining a deeper understanding of your company over the phone.

If you are looking to strengthen your website’s objective, refurbishing your CTAs is an excellent place to start.

We have brainstormed a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Ensure Clarity

Nobody should visit your website and not have an immediate understanding of what it is you do. When it comes to online marketing, clarity is of the utmost importance. While many business owners may feel tempted to over-explain the outstanding work they do, most consumers are not visiting a company website to be impressed by its stylistic language, they want information, and they want it fast.

Ensure that all your content, including your call to action, is direct and concise. As soon as the reader knows what you offer, they should know how to get it, whether that means clicking a link that says “buy now”, “get in touch”, or “discover special offers”.

Understand Your Clients

If your website has a clear enough objective, you should already understand what your clients are looking for.
If you offer a home service, clients may be looking for a call to action such as “discover your rates” or “book a consultation”. If you sell an online product, your clients may be looking to “get the best pricing” or “shop sale items”.
Understanding who your clients are and what they want is crucial to developing relevant and attractive calls to action.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, offering elaborate promotions, and incorporating exciting phrasing will only make potential clients more curious about your company, and curiosity is the name of the game.

Use Action Words

The “A” in CTA is the most critical part. You don’t just want visitors skimming your website. You want them to take steps toward working with your business or purchasing a product. Don’t suggest to visitors how they could act⁠—tell them exactly how to take action.

Change up allusive phrasing like “contact us now” and utilize more directive wording such as “contact us to book an appointment”. This gives visitors a clear understanding of what it is they’re doing. They aren’t just picking up the phone to hear a voice on the other end⁠—they are taking steps toward receiving a service or finding more information about what is offered.


While getting visitors to your website is half the battle, enticing them to travel from your website to your phone line or email inbox is a whole other story. Providing the prospective client with clear and accessible actions throughout your web content is crucial, so focus on the CTA and be ready to answer the call. If you need a little help, be sure to reach out to our LinkNow team.

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