Can You Use Quora for SEO?

SEO in 2018

We all know about Quora, that useful and sometimes very entertaining question answering website. You can log in and ask questions about anything you can imagine, and if you’re up for spreading some knowledge, you can answer other peoples’ questions.

Quora has a handy little hookup to your social media, integrates video questioning, and even has a page for stats that list your views, upvotes, and shares. On top of it all, you can create blogs for others to read.

Is this starting to sound a little familiar? A little like…an SEO tool?

Hooking up Your Business

In a sea of relationship questions, how can Quora be used as a business tool? One of the first things you’ll notice when you sign up and start creating your profile, is that it will ask for your credentials. Here, you can list things such as your job, education, and places you’ve lived.

Presumably, the credentials you list will be things you are an expert on.

If your business is not already listed on Quora, by listing it on your profile you’ll have added it to the website. You can even edit the listing and add a photo as well as topics. People can now talk about your business on Quora!

Finding Your Keywords

When you’re trying to get your business noticed online you want to be there to answer questions your potential clients are asking. As a question-asking website, the questions are all laid out for you to see when you browse Quora.

Simply hit “search” and start typing!

You’ll then be given a list of topics that are similar to what you’ve typed. Choose one, and start reading. And I’ll bet you know what’s coming next…

Get Answering!

Want to do some link building for your site and have fun with it? Answer questions on a topic you know all about, on Quora. While you can’t necessarily direct local clients, you can direct traffic to your website. And by providing real answers to real questions, your links will be quality.

For example, if you’re a pet groomer looking through questions right now, one you’ll find is “What is the minimum amount of grooming a Golden Retriever requires?”

I’m sure you know the answer. Plug it in, and sign it off with your website. If you have a blog built into your site that provides more answers about pet care, you can recommend they check it out. It’s as easy as that!

Try Quora Today

Quora is a fun way to boost your website’s SEO, and is a surprisingly important part of digital marketing. You’ll find a lot of SEO building methods as you do your research, but it’s important to remember that every little bit counts.

By really connecting with people, you can build a strong reputation, and Quora will help you do just that. So sign up today and give it a shot!


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