5 Homepage Tips That Will Help You Rake in Business

Untitled-1Your homepage is arguably the most important page on your website. In most cases, it is the first thing your prospective customers see, so it needs to look great. Not only does it serve as a portal to your website, it is also an introduction to your company. An attractive, welcoming homepage encourages visitors to explore further, which furthers their understanding of your business. Here are 5 homepage tips that will help you rake in business:

Keep it Clean

Homepages get more traffic than any other page on a website, so you may be tempted to get as much as you can on there, but this is only going to distract users. Numerous images and chunks of text may overwhelm a first time visitor. So, aim for simplicity. Have the “less is more” rule in mind when it comes to designing your homepage.

Keep Content Short and Sweet

You may want to tell everyone about who you are and the services you provide, but with recent design trends, visitors are not expecting get this type of information right off the bat. Keep content to a minimum by listing only what’s necessary, such as the three major services your provide, your service areas, and your mission statement. If you are really eager about sharing information, make it easy for visitors to get to your company blog (if you have one) from your homepage.

Incorporate Images of People

Studies indicate that giving your website a human touch by including an image of a person can lead to increased conversion rates. Including a human face on your homepage can yield many benefits for you because people tend to make a purchase or go with a service based purely on emotion. Making a customer feel happy or excited is a great way to boost conversions.

Keep an Eye on Load Time

Nothing increases bounce rate like a slow loading page. If your homepage isn’t loading fast, you are not providing visitors with the experience they are looking for. Your homepage should load in less than four seconds, or else you run the risk of losing customers.

Include a Video

Videos are an easy way to covey information, and people enjoy watching them. Incorporating a video on your homepage can turn browsing a website into experiencing a website. However, give visitors the options to hit play. Videos that play automatically may alarm a user, and loud volumes could force them off your site if they are in a private area, like a library.


Your homepage can make or break your website, so don’t overlook its importance. If it is cluttered with superfluous images, text, subtitles, and headlines, now is the time to make changes. Remember, the only way you can know what’s working and what isn’t is by tracking user behavior. Use split testing software to help you determine which elements of your homepage need to be adjusted in order to increase user engagement, and by extension conversion rates.


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