3 Steps to Building Consumer Trust Through Content Marketing

Considering that nowadays the average internet user will be exposed to approximately 5,000 advertisements a day, it’s no wonder getting consumers’ attention can be extremely difficult.

In order to stay ahead of the game, companies must continually try to make themselves stand out and more importantly, improve their trust with consumers, so the audience seeing their message actually believes it.

The key to successful content marketing lies in building a high level of trust between the consumer and the brand. Keeping in mind that building trust is easier said than done, here are three steps that can help you and your company start improving trust with its audience:

1. Define the Who and the Why

Companies and their brands always need to pay attention to the who: Who are you writing for? What does that audience like? What do they dislike?

When you know exactly what kind of content to provide your audience with, you will find it easier to build that desired trust with them.

Another key question is the why. It’s important to always keep in mind why are you writing certain content. Setting campaign goals is a great way to keep that why at the forefront of every marketing decision. These goals will serve your branding strategies horizon, so your company can appropriately navigate through its relationships with consumers.

2. Determine Content Type, Frequency, and Location

Even though quantity and quality won’t necessarily help you build trust with your audience, you can use content types, frequency, and location to show your audience how well you know them.

For example, if your main audience seeks content through social media platforms, be sure to make your content available through those platforms first. There is no point in creating amazing content if you don’t place it at the disposal of your audience.

Trust starts by making content readily available for audiences, where and when they want it – use that to your advantage.

3. Share, Promote and Engage

Nowadays in the marketing world, there is a very fine line between sharing your content enough times and spamming your audience with it. The moment your audience senses a spam alert, all the trust you worked so hard for goes right out the window.

When getting ready to share and promote, you must engage your audience where your audience is most active, not everywhere else. Moreover, take your time to carefully curate content before sharing and promoting. Your audience will appreciate your well thought-out campaign and will come back for more.


Building and gaining trust is never easy, but it is definitely achievable. If you are a company or a brand looking to re-strategize. go ahead and give these steps a try. Start with the who and the why, work your way up with determining the specifics of your audience, and get ready to engage them through shared information and promotions. Once you win over your audience’s trust, everything about your business will in fact become easier.


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