3 PPC Tips for 2017

Untitled-1Another Christmas came and went. 2017 is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to make sure your digital marketing strategy is in order for the new year. While you likely already have strategies in place to help your site rank organically, you may want to consider paid search marketing, like Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, specifically Google AdWords, Google’s PPC advertising platform.

Google AdWords functions as an auction style type of system where advertisers bid on keywords and phrases with the goal of gaining visibility on Google search results. Every time an ad is clicked, the advertiser pays a fee to the search engine. In the end, this click fee isn’t a big deal if the click leads to a sale.

PPC advertising is a great way to optimize revenue – that is, when done correctly. There are a handful of mistakes that many businesses make when it comes to PPC that winds up wasting them a ton of money. So, here are 3 tips to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck:


A good PPC campaign is a focused campaign. What that means is that the ad is connecting with your target audience, and this comes down to selecting the right keywords. Keyword research is critically important if you want to see click-through action, and that doesn’t just mean bidding on the most popular search terms in your industry. Long-tail keywords, which are specific phrases that people use when they know what they’re looking for, can be super effective. It’s also important to use negative keywords to ensure your ads are being displayed in wasted space.


When it comes to PPC, the more specific, the better. While you have the option of displaying your ad worldwide, this approach will only cost you if you aren’t an international business. Rather, target a specific city or zip code, at least to start. In addition to limiting your geographical reach, you can also set your campaigns to run at certain times of the day. Use analytics to determine when your customers are converting, then set display times appropriately. These two points will help you spread your dollar further.

Landing Pages

Nothing will throw off a potential buyer more than being directed to a web page that doesn’t correspond with the ad they clicked. That’s why well-structured, relevant landing pages are so important. They are the key to getting a visitor to follow through with an action and ensure that your money isn’t wasted on click fees. Be sure to test your landing pages to see what’s working, and make adjustments accordingly.


PPC advertising is straightforward on the surface, but don’t let that fool you. A lot of researching and testing goes into making an ad effective. It pays to team up with an advertiser who understands all the elements within the system as well as your business model.




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