3 Landing Pages That Are Doing it Right


When a prospective customer comes to your landing page, whether by clicking on an ad or via an organic search result, the goal is to get them to follow through with an intended action. That means your landing page should be built with whatever it is you want them to do in mind. Typically, that’s getting them to provide you with some basic information by filling out a form. So, offer them a clear and straight path to do so, void of distractions or links. The last thing you want is for a visitor to leave, so don’t give them with that option.

At LinkNow Media, we’ve visited the topic of landing pages in a previous post, so instead of looking at the elements that make a good landing page, we’re going to look at examples of landing pages that incorporate these elements in all the right ways. It comes as no surprise that these companies have seen a great deal of success, and that’s largely due to their landing pages.


A simple form field, modern images, a clear call-to-action. Here is a company that understands their target audience and is providing them with the type of experience they’re looking for. Breather has demonstrated how personalization can push an individual through the conversion funnel. Everything about this page matches the feel of their brand – clean, crisp, no frills. Straight to the meeting room.

Blue Apron

A client shouldn’t have to figure out what’s in it for them, because that type of thinking can lead them to questioning whether they need that thing or not. A simple way to highlight a product is by incorporating an image, and you can look at Blue Apron as an example for using visuals in all the right ways here. There is no question about what they are providing. Fresh, perfectly measured ingredients, boxed and shipped directly, and ready to cook. Blue Apron is providing more than a healthy meal, they’re saving you time. That’s the power of visuals at work.

Birch Box

People have grown apprehensive about who they give personal information to, so it’s important that you only ask for the information that you need. Asking for superfluous information could cause them to wonder what you’re doing with that information. Aim for brevity. Someone on the fence is not going to want to spend time filling out a lengthy form. Birch Box does a great job at keeping things short and sweet, without sacrificing their brand image.

Final Thoughts

As with anything in life, there is no one way to approach something. If you don’t get it right on the first go, split test elements to see what’s working and what isn’t.  You may find that certain headlines, images, headlines, and CTA buttons are more effective at converting visitors than others. You should also look at data to get a better idea of visitor behavior, and make adjustments accordingly.


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