3 Essential Email Marketing Tactics—Because Email Isn’t Dead

3 Essential Email Marketing Tactics, Because Email Isn't Dead by LinkNow Media

There are billions and billions of emails sent each day, the majority of which are attributed to marketing campaigns for businesses of all types. Many critics say that email marketing is dead; however, if that were actually true, would businesses still be doing it ? The answer to that is: of course not. With the right strategies, email marketing can be very effective, producing significant ROI. Here are three proven techniques to help boost your business.

Keep Subject Lines Short

There are two key user actions that define emails. The first is opening the email, and the second is actually reading it. In order to boost your open rates, be sure to keep the subject line short and to the point. Some of the most effective subject lines are one to two words because they leave the reader wanting to know the answer, eventually boosting the read rate. The more people opening and reading, the better your ROI.

Keep It Simple

When writing emails, be sure to keep your message simple and to the point. Nobody wants to open an email notifying them of a selective sale only to read 400 words to decipher the purpose. Keeping emails short and simple makes them easier to understand, easier to act on, and makes your message more effective. Simple shouldn’t mean boring; be sure to also make the email interesting to the reader. Be sure to keep in mind that what you find interesting may not be as interesting to the reader. Get to know what your audience wants and needs, and deliver your message based on their profiles.

Email Times

When emailing your subscribers, be sure to consider when you’re sending them and why. For example, studies have found that less emails are sent after 7:30pm, which means sending after this time could put your email atop the inbox, making it standout, and therefore, giving it a better chance of getting read. Emails have also been found to be most effective on the weekends when people have more downtime to read them. Do your research on when the best time is for your specific business to contact your specific demographic of customers and incorporate that into your strategy.

Final Word

With a combination of style and strategy, an email marketing campaign can be very effective. Email marketing has proven itself with an industry average ROI of around 4000%, so regardless of whether email marketing is becoming less trendy, you can be sure it will be important to your business.


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