11 Hilarious(ly bad) SEO and Web Design Jokes

laugh1 : What is the metric used to measure an SEO guru on a trampoline?

Bounce rate


2: Why are SEO experts always late to work?

They love traffic


3: What do you get when you cross a penguin and a panda?

A ranking issue


4: How do you get the most link juice out of a website that sells oranges?

Squeeze pages


5: How can you tell the difference between a virtual monkey and a virtual ape?

Long tailed keywords


6: Why could the web designer’s friends never find his/her house?

The address was 404


7: What events do SEO pirates love to attend?



8: Why are good SEO experts always in good shape?

They never stuff themselves.


9: Why are SEO experts so well rested?

They love NAPs


10: I like my traffic like I like my orange juice:



11: Why was the SEO guru upset when she found out she was going to have twins?
Duplicate content


Did you get a chuckle out of any of these? If so let us know and share some of your own. We love learning bad jokes here at LinkNow Media!


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