LinkNow Media wants to help your local business get visible in your community.  They have over a quarter million hours of research and development invested in getting businesses noticed on the web.  See below how they can help you…

  • Get Noticed
  • Generate Leads
  • Look Professional
  • and so much more!

LinkNow Media has helped over 8500 clients propel their small business from irrelevance to a strong online presence and all at rates leaps and bounds more affordable than any of the competition.

The talented team at LinkNow Media works closely with their customers to help offer expertise in not only looking great online but also how to build their web presence and client base.  Time and time again, after working with LinkNow, customers are seeing growth in generated calls, sales and visibility in web marketing.



  • As soon as you’ve chosen a package with the company you’ll receive a welcome call in the next couple of days to help guide you through how the process will go.
  • Once you have completed the welcome call – your agent will put detailed instructions on your work-order for the Design Team. Design Team will work on your site collaboratively and once completed you will be assigned your own personal designer that will be your main point of contact for all your design needs.
  • From there you’ll have a live website and while you work on telling your customers about it, LinkNow will be working on getting it noticed in search engines.
  • A congrats call is in order after your successful collaboration with LinkNow Media and the customer care department will follow up to make sure you’re satisfied.
  • Finally, after a few months have passed you’ll get a follow up from your Account Executive to comment on how the website is performing and to help you build a plan for success on the web.